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Here you will find a selection of our flowers that we have on display in our garden which we cut and sell both for export and gate sales 

Please keep in mind prices may change during the season and have been priced per stem. Subject to availability.

Coral Sunset

This bloom is one of the earliest of the flowers to be ready for picking. The Coral Sunset like its name hints at starts at a beautiful intense coral colour then changes over time into a pale ivory.

Double White

Large full double bloom clean white peony with flecks of red

Mon Jules Elie

Large double blossom peony in a beautiful magenta colour

Coral Charm

Coral Charm is a semi-double when cut they are a deep coral bud which opens to show off a smooth coral peach

Red Charm

One of our most popular flowers the Red Charm bomb shaped bud forms  a beautiful full bloom supporting deep red coloured petals

Mister Ed

The is a more unusual bloom that as images show bloom either rose pink, cream blush, or a combination of the two colours. Blossoms are large and have a light, sweet fragrance

Coral Surpreme

The Coral Supreme supports beautiful salmon coral pink petals opening to show off an orange stigma

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